Storage and shipping

The first option is FBA, i.e. Fulfillment by Amazon. This option allows you to fully handle shipping, storage and packaging, as well as control customer service and returns made by Amazon. The seller’s responsibilities will only be to control the inventory and replenish stocks.

Precise requirements

Due to the fact that Amazon has quite strict rules when it comes to shipping, we will help you trace their requirements for packaging and shipping preparation, as well as labeling and delivery. Thanks to us, you will be sure that your shipping and Amazon FBA experience will go smoothly.

Other possibilities

The second option is MFN, or Merchant Fulfilled Network. In this variant, the seller is fully responsible for logistics issues. On the seller’s side, it is therefore the organization of the warehouse space, packaging materials and possible personnel.
The third concept is an indirect or hybrid solution, namely outsourcing of warehousing and shipping to an external partner (other than Amazon).

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