Sales protection on Amazon

Amazon is the largest e-commerce sales platform in the world. On average, it is estimated that over 310 million users remain active. And although Amazon is a door that opens up sales opportunities on many international markets, it is also a huge competition. Amazon’s restrictions on sales as well as very strict rules regarding the quality of customer service – these are just a few aspects that may discourage the seller. Properly securing your Amazon account is the key to effective sales and staying ahead of the competition.

Do you sell on Amazon? Remember a few things.

On the one hand, Amazon tempts to start selling on the platform, on the other hand, it raises endless questions and doubts. However, before you decide to start selling on Amazon, it is worth considering some issues.
Basic or Pro account. The first one for free allows you to sell up to 40 products, the second one allows you to sell an unlimited number of products, but it is paid. In addition, you get privileges directed only to sellers, such as:
– adding products in a collective file,
– manual creation of product listing.
It is also worth preparing the necessary documents that will enable you to register efficiently, such as a photocopy of your identity card, or a court extract from the National Court Register, credit card number and account number. After positive verification of the account, there is nothing else to do but start your adventure.
But, but … first of all, it is worth getting acquainted with the regulations that apply on Amazon and which must be strictly adhered to.
We must also not forget about the competition, which is simply huge with such a large number. And here is where the real fun begins. The selection of appropriate keywords, an interesting description of the products sold and much more.
A bit scary right?
This is where we come in., a professional company that employs only specialists, which deals with introducing sellers on Amazon on a daily basis, as well as full and integral protection of the Amazon account.

AMZTEAM are experts who provide comprehensive services for the Amazon account.

Amazon, with such a large number of active users, both on the sellers and buyers’ side, is not able to catch all incorrect activities that should not take place. That is why every day our qualified employees ensure that your account is safe and that the sale is smooth and trouble-free.

Amazon runs a program aimed at sellers called Amazon Brand Registry, which is designed to protect the account from unfair competition. Interestingly, it is also supposed to effectively support sales. Have you ever thought about registering your own trademark? If not, it’s worth rethinking as you can gain so much more than peace of mind. Only sellers with a registered trademark in the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) can join the program. We will calmly take care of the brand registration and then we will reserve it with Amazon.

Not only other sellers can be dishonest, but also buyers. It has already happened many times that the opinion issued was inadequate or even false. Therefore, in the package offering sales protection, we also control emerging comments and opinions. All this to make your company even more credible.

No matter what strategy you choose. is a team that is ready at any time to help you with any problem. We will advise you, help you determine the optimal strategy and take care not only of its implementation, but also of daily supervision. Feel cared for and safe.

Entrust the protection of your Amazon account and professional advertising to AMZTeam specialists.

Our company deals with the broadly understood care of the Amazon account. It is not only full account protection, but also a well-thought-out advertising campaign on Amazon as well as conducting specialized optimization activities that have a real impact on the effectiveness of sales.
We offer comprehensive account service in the form of:
– building brand awareness,
– professional positioning of the store on Amazon (dedicated ads, creating landing pages),
– account and sales protection, – comprehensive customer service in the field of correspondence, complaints, returns and order monitoring.
These are just some of the aspects that we take responsibility for so that you can take care of other necessary things. Do not wait and entrust your Amazon account to one of the most prestigious AMZTeam PRO companies today. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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