Relevant importance of positive reviews

The popularity of your product on Amazon depends very much on the reviews you get from your customers. Whether your product is displayed at the top of the list or at the end depends largely on the opinions you collect from your customers. A poorly rated product has a worse positioning. In turn, the position of your product on the list significantly affects your sales and profits. Negative opinions, even if they are issued by a customer who is not registered on the platform, may therefore deteriorate sales, and even block the possibility of maintaining an account. A product with negative reviews is therefore the worst that can happen to us on Amazon.

Eliminating negative opinions

Our task is to challenge the validity of a negative comment, which usually results in the removal of a harsh opinion. Our specialists will check the origin of comments, they will tell you how to regain your reputation and even how to get rid of comments that harm your interests.

Of course, it is also worth remembering that not every negative comment can be removed. However, this is a story for a separate subpage.

What is the risk of negative feedback?

Negative comments on your listings can lead to a product ban or even an account ban. This is why any negative entry cannot be underestimated.

Is it worth responding to negative reviews?

Anyway, yes. Contact with the customer outside the platform is not allowed, but the user can be contacted via Amazon. Sometimes a negative review is caused by a misunderstanding, which can be easily cleared up and ultimately lead to the removal of the problematic comment.

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