Doing your own selling on a large international e-commerce platform can prove overwhelming, especially for new users. Amazon is a place with its own rules, where both sellers and buyers must obey them. In addition, the case also concerns other issues related to running an online store, such as effective positioning of your store.

Positioning the store on Amazon step by step.

Positioning the store on Amazon is nothing more than SEO (Search Engine Optimization), thanks to which you will build awareness of your brand, which may translate into increased sales and then the development of the company. Of course, it may seem that it is quite a simple task, but the secrets of the Amazon ranking are a bit complicated, so it is worth taking advantage of the intermediation and professional services provided by our company AMZTeam Pro.

Positioning package

Maybe you are a beginner seller, or you have been selling your products for a while, but you expect better sales results? Do you have an idea for a business, but you are not sure how to promote it effectively? Amazon, serving millions of active users, has created huge competition that may be ahead of you by not a step or even two. Don’t let that happen. We have created this place for people like you.

Thanks to our care over account management on Amazon, you gain access to a positioning package, which is aimed at the current needs of Amazon sellers, as well as people and companies who want to find a solution to increase their sales and perhaps become a leader in their industry. The customer who decides to use our services will receive an individual seller’s package, the details of which will be tailored to personalized needs. Therefore, the first step is to conduct a detailed SEO audit, thanks to which we will know how to develop an action strategy to make it the most effective.

The positioning package includes activities such as:

–choosing the right key words,

– technical and substantive support in creating marketing materials,

– opening product categories,

– improvement of listings,

– creating home pages,

– PPC support,

– Viral Lunch service,

– personalized ads,

– traffic redirection activities.

All these activities are focused on increasing the search result of your product / service / company as much as possible. Development is the basis, and the changing algorithms only confirm that it is worth being systematic and persistent in your decisions.

Effective sales on Amazon, or a few words about the Amazon ranking.

Positioning on Amazon is inextricably linked with Amazon’s ranking. Low visibility in the ranking means ineffective sales. Amazon’s ranking algorithm, or A9, is responsible for displaying specific products. This process has two stages. First, the results that most correspond to the issue are filtered out (which is why the use of optimally selected keywords is so important), and then these results are sorted so that the products with the highest chances of purchase are listed first. Other extremely important factors are CTR. as well as conversions and sales. CTR is nothing but information how many customers click on a given product, conversion rate (CR) is adding a product to the cart and the most important information – selling. Sales on Amazon are subject to practically the same rules as Google. Keywords, competition analysis as well as the use of innovative solutions in the form of various techniques and tools for keyword analysis – these are just some of the activities that optimize sales on Amazon that we use.

Aesthetic and effective advertising at the same time, or how to reach new customers.

SEO activities on Amazon are just as important as the effective development of Amazon advertising. Content is king, and this means that in order for the sale to be really effective, the product should be presented in an interesting and intriguing way, thanks to which it will arouse the interest of a potential customer. Marketing content must stand out and be optimized for:
– product name,
– attributes, i.e. a description in the form of a list,
– product description,
– additional information,
– content extended for paid account holders.
One of the most effective forms of advertising is PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. The advantage of this type of advertisement is the fact that, as an advertiser, you do not pay for the mere display of the advertisement, but only when someone clicks on it. What are the benefits of PPC advertising?
– the ability to reach new customers,
– flexible billing model,
– control over the budget,
– monitoring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign,
– quick access to advertising.
We created AMZTeam.pro to make it easier for entrepreneurs to sell on a large platform, where changes and secrets of Amazon’s operation lurk at every step. We hope that you will want to use our services, so please contact us.