If you are already at the sales stage, the next very important step will be to pack your product in accordance with Amazon standards. The packaging of the product must include, inter alia, informations about:

  • Barcode
  • Country of origin
  • Brand name
  • Information about certificates, if they have to be there, depending on packaging requirements product.

Our help

We will help you in the selection and appropriate adaptation of your products for shipment.

Optimal selection of packaging

Packaging is quite an important matter. Therefore, we help in the optimal selection of packaging so that the product delivered to the customer is not damaged. We also take care of an important and often underestimated issue, i.e. the appearance of the packaged product compared to the competition’s products.

Consequences of bad packaging

Amazon takes product packaging extremely seriously. In the event of non-compliance with the rules, the giant may refuse to accept the shipment and return or repack it at your expense. This applies to any product delivered to an Amazon Fulfillment Center in inappropriate or non-compliant packaging. It’s not everything. In extreme cases, you may also be subject to non-compliance charges.

Packaging requirements

Amazon’s internal regulations are very strict and very strict. The platform distinguishes, among others, by specific recommendations for the packaging of glass and ceramics, batteries, textiles or jewelery.

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