Market research

Want to start selling on Amazon? Without proper market analysis, your costs may exceed your profits. We will help you verify your sales data and avoid market oversaturation.

Detailed analysis

We will examine, among others:
• Barrier to entry, ie the ability to break through the market with your own product.
• Revenue potential – we will determine the potential profit that you can get from selling the product.
• Monthly sales – we will check what will be the demand, whether you will be able to meet it and it will be profitable for you.
• Market trends – we will create a forecast of trends and seasonality of products so that you consciously choose products to meet the needs of the market.

Category research

Market research is a bit like competitor analysis, but in this case checking the category is crucial. Therefore, we analyze what is selling in a given category and what potential competitors we have. Then we determine how the product should be prepared and at what price it should be. Finally, we specify how the competition sells and how much it spends on marketing.

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