Who can sell in the Vendora model?

The most important formal requirement, apart from the invitation from Amazon, is to have a brand registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The mere invitation to the program is the result of researching recruitment groups for representatives of the powerful marketlace. The owners of promising brands with exceptionally high potential or already well-established sales levels have a chance to be invited.

Vendor a Seller – what’s the difference and what are the Amazon requirements?

The main difference is that anyone can sell through Amazon Seller Central, and Amazon Vendor Central can only be joined by an Amazon invitation. So the client is also different. In the Sellera model, we sell directly to customers, and in the Vendora model, the products are sold wholesale to Amazon. At Vendor Central, shipping options are predetermined and retail prices are set by Amazon. However, the number of promotional options is greater. In the case of cooperation with AMZTeam.pro, we care about the quality of the account and we are responsible for all deliveries and we watch over the correct circulation of documents and money.

What does Vendor Central sellers?

  • Amazon purchases in bulk (you only issue one invoice), which makes it easier to plan and match your demand
  • there is no obligation to register VAT in other countries
  • no need to worry about customer service issues (e.g. Amazon takes over returns)
  • more advertising opportunities and access to Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)
  • the ability to connect to Born2Run, a program that allows for faster introduction of goods to the sales platform and deciding what Amazon will buy, while building a customer database
  • the option to create product catalogs, which allows you to use the potential of Amazon even more fully

When can you count on being invited to the Vendor Center?

Meet the expectations

  • 1
    Your product is in high demand from marketplace customers
  • 2
    You are well-established and are great at selling on Amazon
  • 3
    Your product is original and unique, which increases its potential
  • 4
    You meet the formal and legal requirements expected by Amazon

Services for your business

Creating a store

  • Image creation
  • Shopkeeping
  • Increasing the number of customers

Removal of negative reviews

  • Eliminating negative comments
  • Product positioning improvement