FBA & Vendor support

The FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and Vendor programs are the basic forms of sales and logistics that facilitate running a business on the Amazon platform. It is these two forms that give sellers greater opportunities to reach their customers in a faster and easier way. The FAB transfers the duties as well as the preparation and shipment of the product to the Amazon network website, while the Vendor system allows you to sell products directly through the connection with the Amazon store. If you want to get information about the implementation and execution of orders, we will help you choose and introduce the best option.

Our support

How exactly can we help you? We support such elements as the method of delivery, the method of packing and labeling goods, calculating costs on a given market, determining tax obligations.

The FBA model

By opting for the FBA model, you will have to choose products for sale, checking inventory in the Amazon warehouse, and marketing and advertising issues of your products.

Is there a fee to use FBA?

Yes. The costs depend on the dimensions of your products. Simply put, the cost of the FBA consists of the storage fee and the shipping fee and the fee for additional services.

When is it worth to put on sale in the FBA model?

If you do not have the resources to rationally organize the basic logistics processes, and your goods are small in size and have a relatively high price, then the FBA model is for you.

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