Creating listings and positioning

In addition to things such as account service, interacting with customers or creating sales strategies for the store, an important element of Amzteam services for sellers entering the realities of operating on Amazon is taking care of creating auctions and appropriate promotion and positioning of products. After all, goods are the most important thing in the puzzle, without which meticulous planning of the store’s operation does not make sense. For this reason, it is so important to work on ensuring that as many people as possible see our goods while looking for the perfect product for themselves. Amzteam is working on positioning on Amazon to properly promote its customers’ items and thus significantly increase their turnover.

Thanks to AMZTeam’s activities, sales of our customers on Amazon are constantly growing, which is very important in the period of the coronavirus. Technical and substantive support in creating materials. Just having a product and putting it up for sale is not enough to attract masses of buyers to your auctions. One of the key elements of a salesperson’s success is the proper development of the title, description and photos of the product. Careful display is what draws the customer to the product and makes him seriously consider purchasing it. That is why Amzteam offers its clients comprehensive support in the creation of materials related to the auctions. Amzteam customers will receive full assistance in the construction of titles and descriptions of the auctions in such a way that the goods become attractive to the recipient.

Product implementation on Amazon

Having the product described and presented in an appropriate way, the next thing that Amzteam experts will focus on is reaching the largest possible group of potential buyers of the goods. Activities related to promoting products are one of the most important issues that determine the success of a seller on Amazon and requires taking action in many areas.

Amazon SEO thanks to AMZTeam

Amazon SEO is a key component of the seller’s marketing campaign. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most popular marketing tools in the world, thanks to which products are displayed at the beginning of the listing on both Google and Amazon. Favorable positioning on Amazon can be achieved, among others, thanks to techniques such as:

  • Proper placement of keywords: Amzteam experts will skillfully select and place keywords related to the product in the text, as well as in the “search terms” tab
  • Section “Questions and Answers”: Amzteam will make sure to answer customer questions about products, thus improving the merits of the description
  • Photos: Amzteam will ensure that products are promoted with attractive, optimized photos
  • Advertising campaigns on Amazon thanks to
  • The Amzteam team will also professionally take care of your advertising campaigns on Amazon.
  • Appropriate account management and taking care of Amazon ad settings is an important element of building effective campaigns on Amazon.
  • Experts will select a method of targeting and managing campaigns towards consumers, appropriate to the type and size of the store.

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PPC advertising

The Amzteam team will also take care of advertising the product outside of Amazon. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is an advertising model in which the advertiser pays only for clicking on the advertisement, not for displaying it. Amzteam will take care of advertising the product on websites outside of Amazon, and when the user clicks on such an advertisement, he will be transferred to our store on Amazon. As a result, the goods also reach consumers looking for products outside of Amazon, and the awareness of our brand is growing.

Creating landing pages on Amazon

The first contact of a potential customer with a product is the one that most often has the greatest impact on whether the customer will later purchase the goods. For this reason, the Amzteam team offers to create professional landing pages – landing pages that will be the first form of contact with our product for customers clicking on ads placed on the Internet. Research shows that a well-designed landing page translates into greater interest in the product than redirecting the customer after clicking the ad directly to the product page on Amazon. The landing page can also be used as a place where you can offer potential buyers an attractive discount code or other promotion.

Opening product categories

An important aspect related to the sale of goods on Amazon is the issue of open and closed categories. Amazon, in order to limit the display of counterfeit or fake products, closed some of the categories to new sellers. Examples of such categories are jewelery and watches. The Amzteam team will make sure that the seller is honest and reliable in the eyes of Amazon, so that he can offer his products without restrictions in any category.

Amazon – how to start?

As you can see, building a seller brand on Amazon is a multi-field and multi-tooling task. It is not an easy task for a novice seller, so it is worth using the services of Amzteam, which has extensive experience in successfully introducing new stores into the reality of the Amazon website. The time saved in delegating these tasks to professionals is worth – and even should – be used to ensure the quality of your products and offers. Thanks to the joint efforts of the seller and Amzteam experts, the newly debuting store will quickly flourish and attract crowds of Amazon users.

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