Create a store

If you want to be remembered by your customers, as well as gain a crowd of loyal customers, you need to create a store that will meet customer expectations. One that will give them the opportunity to view your offers transparently and create a place where they will be happy to come back to repeat their purchases.

Brand image

A properly run online store is a source of regular customers and constant profit, as well as a showcase of your brand. If you want to help in creating an image and running a store, we will tell you what to do to optimize the number of your customers and promote your brand.


Few sellers know that the so-called Storefront (also known as Amazon Brand Store), i.e. a store created inside the Amazon platform, can also be positioned and promoted at the top of the category.

What are the greatest benefits of having an Amazon Storefront?

Registered brands can thus create their own store with a personalized url. Thanks to this, sellers can adjust the appearance of the website to their needs and optimize the graphics so that the images are displayed in an even higher quality.

Can the Amazon store be promoted on social media?

Yes, definitely! Your store content can be easily shared on social media. This is facilitated by, among others icons placed at the bottom of each store.

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