Checking bullet-points / descriptions

Do you know what master keywords, KW outlier or KW exclute are? If not, then we should check your descriptions! A product on Amazon can be compared to a website, and each of them must be properly described and positioned. How many keywords do you analyze when creating your description? Where are you getting them? Each time we analyze at least several hundred keywords for a given product! Copywriting, an appropriate title, and the so-called bullet points are critical to your ultimate success.

Search optimization

Bullet points are keywords that will make your products easier to find after entering the appropriate keyword in the search engine. Thanks to the right choice of title words, buyers will reach your product faster and its sales will be greater. Bullet points are one of the most important selling factors.

Product descriptions

Product descriptions are another extremely important element. A good, reliable and detailed description that gives the customer a lot of information about the product is a real key to sales success. If you want to audit bullet points and descriptions so that your products would be unbeatable, take advantage of our possibilities and we will prepare a detailed set of information on descriptions and search words.

How long should the descriptions in Bullet points be?

Amazon suggests creating short and specific descriptions, but in some language versions, up to 500 characters are allowed per point. On the one hand, a longer description means more keywords, on the other hand, it limits the readability and transparency of the offer. Usually Bullet points are around 200-250 characters long.

How long should Amazon product descriptions be?

The description length allowed by Amazon is approximately 2,000 characters. Of course, the description should contain as many keywords as possible, but the text should not be saturated with them.

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