Brand registration

Amazon carefully checks the documents necessary to launch the potential seller ‘platform, its services and the credibility of the brand it will represent. Contrary to appearances, this is a very laborious and time-consuming process that requires great scrupulousness.

Register a trademark

Registering a trademark allows you to protect intellectual property against theft and infringement. This is a security measure used by the Amazon platform to ensure product safety and brand credibility. To avoid stress and unnecessary formal errors, our specialists will guide you through this process step by step in order to maintain the smoothness of operations and avoid time delays.

The benefits of brand registration

For now, however, we are writing about what needs to be done, and we haven’t added what can be gained yet. Owning the rights to the brand means a number of very specific benefits. First of all, A + Content, i.e. improved description at the bottom of the product listing. It allows, among other things, to advertise six other own products and place photos or infographics in the product description, as well as include more text in the description (up to 7,000 characters) and the possibility of bold text. Another functionality is the creation of a dedicated store (Store). This option allows new ways to advertise your products on and off Amazon. This allows us to download traffic to Amazon from our own website or social media channels. Even more possibilities are provided by access to Store See Insight, a special panel that allows you to obtain data about the store (Store). In this way, we obtain, among others information on how customers find their way to our store and what products they buy. Access to advertising campaigns is also a very important option. Brand registration allows you to run two types of campaigns – brand and Display ADS. Brand Analytics is the basic analytical tool. Thanks to it, we gain access to options such as:

Amazon Search Terms – charts showing which keywords are the most popular on Amazon each week.

Repeat Purchasr Behaviour – an indicator that allows you to track customer behavior and which of our products are bought again by the same buyer.

Market Basket Analysis – a tool for collecting information about what products were purchased with our product.

Item Comparison and Alternative Purchase Behaviour
– an option that shows us how the traffic around our offers is shaped – where we gain potential customers or where they run away from us.

Protect – Report a violation – a special option thanks to which we are able to defend our products and our brand by reporting sellers who violate the law, including intellectual property.

What does the Manage Experiments module do?

Access to the Manage Experiments module allows you to test our listings. With it, it is possible to enter different titles and photos to see which of the sets will probably benefit the most. This tool is suitable for optimizing long-existing listings, for example.

What can Brand Analytics do?

Access to Brand Analytics enables options such as Amazon Search Terms, Repeat Purchase Behavior, Market Basket Analysis, Item Comparison and Alternative Purchase Behavour, Protect – Report a violation.