Multi-faceted customer service on Amazon

The history of the Amazon company dates back to 1995. Its founder, Jeff Bezos, started by selling books through a small online store. However, he had a vision of a rapid growth in the e-commerce industry, and even then he knew that he did not want to be confined to one area of products on sale. Today, the company has a revenue of $ 34 billion, employs 33,000 employees and is one of the most recognizable brands known for Internet activities in the world. The idea, born in the founder’s garage, to create a platform that provides many products for thousands of users was the foundation of success. Thanks to the efficient implementation of innovations and non-standard solutions, Amazon is a giant in the online sales industry. Amazon has already been trusted by millions of producers and consumers, and you and your brand can also become one of them.

Comprehensive customer service on Amazon that is the key to success

AMZTeam was created for entrepreneurs who have ambitions and great visions of making their products available to hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world. We are here to support your business in many areas, in order to achieve the highest possible profit. We provide you not only with substantive assistance, a draft action plan, but also implement our ideas into real life! We offer our clients full outsourcing and Amazon customer service in order to provide them with maximum comfort and allow for further brand development. Effective sales on Amazon require many steps as well as regular market monitoring. The scope of our activities also includes the graphic identification of our customers in order to increase their credibility in the eyes of customers and build consumer trust. It is also worth knowing that the Amazon account provides the brand with a good reputation and guarantees the originality and good quality of the products it presents. AMZTeam also helps to pass all the elements of Amazon account verification, which clearly affects the increased sales on Amazon. The trust of a group of specialists working for you and your success also determines our satisfaction.

The scope of services for Amazon customer service

Our goal is to provide your brand with multi-faceted help in the areas of marketing and sales. Therefore, our range of services is quite wide.

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The first step in our cooperation will be to prepare an action strategy that guarantees sales on Amazon. During market research, we will also analyze your potential competition and help you choose logistic partners, if necessary.

Amazon account support

Our next steps will be the registration of your brand’s Amazon account, as well as its configuration. We will also deal with constant contact with Amazon as well as the preparation of statistics. In the course of our activities, we will be guided by the guidelines in accordance with the Amazon company’s standard.

Amazon Customer Support

This point is an exceptionally important core of our activity. Properly functioning and efficient customer service increases trust in the brand, and also causes positive associations about the products themselves. The customer is the most important for us, which is why we believe that its service should always be a priority. For this reason, we offer manufacturers a correspondence service in five languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French) and a system of responding to messages within 24 hours. We also monitor orders and resolve disputes such as complaints and returns. We are well aware that the supervision of an online store is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of attention in order to gain trusted customers. It is for this reason that we place great emphasis on this area and provide full customer service for producers.

Creating listings and positioning on Amazon

The Amazon store offers its sellers a multitude of possibilities that are not always easy to pick up. Therefore, we provide assistance in implementing products to the Amazon store, as well as opening product categories. We also create product descriptions in order to present them in a credible and interesting way, and thus – increase sales.

Account and sales protection

We offer constant supervision of your account in order to protect both you and your client. Therefore, we deal with, among other things, the neutralization of threats from unfair competition, maintaining the continuity of payments, and we also control the system of opinions and comments in your online store. Operating Amazon should not only be easy and convenient, but also safe. For this reason, we make every effort to ensure that each party can function without fear.

Positioning the website and creating brand awareness

Apart from the previously mentioned activities, this group is also constantly developed during our cooperation. In addition to customer service support, we provide your brand with the possibility of registering a trademark, and we also create a store dedicated to it. We also offer solutions to improve your products. We also act so that your store increases its reach. For this purpose, we position it thanks to appropriate ads and creating interesting landing pages.

Other services for your business on Amazon