Account lockout

Has become. Unfortunately. Blocked account. What’s next? Relax! We have our patents for this. Account lockout is, unfortunately, a very common problem on Amazon. There may be various reasons for this. The most common ones include: breaking the regulations, delays in shipping or negative reviews. Most often, he finds out about the blockade – receiving an emphatic message when trying to log in.

The power of experience

How can we fix it? First of all, we determine the cause of the blockade. After diagnosis, we proceed to the next stage of action. We have over 500 unblocked accounts behind us, so we must admit that many problems are relatively easy for us to solve. Thanks to a quick response, you will save time and money.

Tips for the future

After removing the blockage, we discuss the situation with the client and together with him we prepare a number of recommendations that will avoid an unfortunate situation in the future.

When is your account at risk of being blocked?

There can be many reasons, but quite often the blockage is the result of outdated information on the seller’s account. This is especially true for country-specific VAT IDs. Another of the extremely frequent reasons for blocking is low Seller Performance, which includes, among others, user evaluation and timely delivery of shipments.

What does blocking mean?

Amazon may block one or more of your listings or your entire account. Blocking a single offer is not a big deal yet. Worse, when all products or the entire account have been blocked. In this case, not only cannot be resold. Payments from sales are also blocked – until the problem is resolved.

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