Account audit

Why is it worth conducting an audit? Briefly speaking, to sell better, more and more effectively. Process optimization, error elimination and conversion increase – these are three goals that, in our opinion, should guide each audit. In our case, it certainly is.

Analysis and summary

Selling on Amazon is a very complicated process. More than 20 different factors affect the mere acquisition of a Buy Box, i.e. distinguishing an offer as the one that, according to Amazon, is the best among all available for a given product. To achieve this, we check a number of elements when analyzing the account. After analyzing the account, the client receives a summary with the proposed repair plan. We can implement and execute the plan on behalf of the client, or help them complete the plan on their own.

What do we analyze during the audit?

• Profitability of the account

• Account statistics

• Customers opinion

• The way of introducing products

• Quality of copywriting content

• The goods delivery systems used

• The size of stock levels

• Indicators include commodity rotation

Why Get a Buy Box?

The absolute majority (currently over 80%) of transactions within Amazon are carried out through this function. Winning a Buy Box is therefore absolutely crucial for the development of sales on the Amazon platform.

How will an account recovery plan help?

The plan will help define and eliminate existing and potential threats, as well as improve the performance of your account. The purpose of introducing a recovery plan is, of course, to increase profits.

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