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Full account support on amazon - how much does it cost?

sprzedaż polskich produktów na amazon!!! - amzteam.pro zaprasza

In cooperation with clients, we focus on openness and honesty – we say what it is. Therefore, we will not hide our rates. Our priority is the joint profit from sales on our client’s account.

Check out the 3 stages of cooperation with AZMteam.pro below.



Always free! Why? The better you know the costs, the better you will be able to calculate them. The more we get to know your competitors and define the sales potential, the greater the chance that you will not be disappointed with entering amazon, and together we will increase sales.


Preparation of products

Preparation of your products and companies for sale on Amazon. Appropriate photos, infographics, appropriate tax preparation. We can do it for you or send us materials according to the standards we need



Only when we actually start working, we sign a contract! Here is the price list that depends on the number of products that we have to add monthly and handle it by marketing. We treat each customer the same – the full scope of our activities can be found in the Full Amazon account service tab.

Price list for introducing products on Amazon

Monthly number of products to be introduced Up to 5 From 5 to 15 From 15 to 25 Over 25+
Monthly rent 1000 PLN 1500 PLN 2000 PLN individually
Percentage of turnover 4% 4% 4% 4%

The prices quoted above are net prices and the percentage of turnover is calculated from the gross turnover on your amazon account over a 30-day period. The percentage of the turnover is negotiated. It is obvious that if our client makes EUR 100-200 thousand of monthly turnover, he has a strong argument to negotiate the percentage of turnover.

Additional services

The type of service Price
Product photos 18 PLN netto /photo
Product infographic 50 PLN netto / graphic
Preparation of A + content
(if you work with our company – you have it in the package)
150 PLN / module
Store Front graphic preparation
(if you work with our company – you have it in the package)
150 PLN / module
Registration for VAT 600 PLN / country
Registration of a trademark in EUiPO 3000 PLN
Creating a landing page 1250 PL / site

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