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Account lockout

Amazon stands out from other sales platforms with a rather restrictive trade policy. One of the common phenomena experienced by sellers is account blocking due to violation of the sales policy. This situation is associated with many unnecessary costs for the seller, because we lose customers and thus our profit.

To solve the problem, the seller must spend his valuable time to find the cause of the blockade, remove it and restore the functioning of your account. Our specialists will verify what was the cause of your sales suspension, check the quality of services, any errors that may have arisen, and will help you take the appropriate steps to unlock your sales platform.

Removal of negative reviews

The popularity of your product on Amazon depends very much on the reviews you get from your customers. Whether your product is displayed at the top of the list or at the end depends on the opinions you collect from your customers, and the position of your product on the list significantly affects your sales and profits. Negative opinions, even if they are issued by a customer not registered on the platform, may deteriorate sales and even block the possibility of keeping an account. Our specialists will check the origin of comments, tell you how to regain your reputation and even get rid of comments that are harmful to your interests.

Account audit

The success of your business depends on the efficiency and quality of the services your account offers. A well-managed and managed account allows you to increase sales and shipping efficiency, and thus customer satisfaction and better product positioning thanks to opinions. If your account, for reasons unknown to you, does not bring adequate profits, there are unfavorable opinions of your customers regarding the quality of your services and Amazon sends you warnings regarding the possibility of blocking the account, do not hesitate! Our advisors will conduct a detailed audit of your account, on the basis of which you will be able to detect existing errors and correct them, optimize the quality of your services and increase profits.

Brand registration

The brand registration system is one of the most important procedures that the seller must undergo in order to verify and guarantee the safety and uniqueness of the product. Amazon carefully checks the documents necessary to launch the potential seller ‘platform, its services and the credibility of the brand it will represent. Contrary to appearances, it is a very meticulous, laborious and time-consuming process.

Registering a trademark allows you to protect intellectual property against theft and violations. This is a security measure used by the Amazon platform to ensure product safety and brand credibility. To avoid stress and unnecessary formal errors, our specialists will guide you through this process step by step in order to maintain smooth operation and avoid time delays.

Positioning of products

Positioning your product on the Amazon platform is one of the key aspects affecting the quantity of goods sold. Please note that the positioning process depends on the quality of the services provided. Both customer opinions and their ratings – stars affect where your product is visible on the list of products. It is worth noting that both the 1.2 and 3 stars that seem to be neutral sellers can negatively affect your brand and product. If you want to maximize your profits, pay attention to the positioning of your product. Our experts will tell you what affects your position on the listing and how to increase its popularity and thus improve positioning.

Checking bullet-points / descriptions

Bullet Piont are keywords that will make your products easier to find after entering the appropriate keyword in the search engine. Thanks to the right choice of title words, buyers will reach your product faster and its sales will be greater. Bullet Piont is one of the most important sales factors. Product descriptions are another extremely important element. A good, reliable and detailed description, providing the customer with a lot of information about the product, is another key to sales success. If you want to audit bulls points and descriptions so that your products would be unbeatable, take advantage of our options and we will prepare a detailed set of information on descriptions and search words.

Creating a store

If you want to be remembered by your customers and gain a crowd of loyal customers, you need to create a store that will both meet the expectations of customers, give them the opportunity to transparently view your offers and create a place where they will be happy to come back to repeat their purchases. A properly run online store is a source of regular customers and constant profit, as well as a showcase of your brand. If you want to help in creating an image and running a store, we will tell you what to do to optimize the number of your customers and promote your brand.

Creating landing pages

Landing pages is nothing more than an advertising page displayed on various types of social media and websites with suggestions for products that a potential customer may be interested in. Creating landing pages allows the customer to go directly to the desired, simple sales page. Appropriate advertising banners increase the popularity of your products and make it easier to access the sales platform. Our specialists will help you prepare an effective advertising campaign and increase visits to your website.

Unlocking the category

Products that are released for sale on the Amazon network require additional verification and permission from the platform. Both the seller and the manufacturer as well as the supply chain require authorization. Detailed verification of each of the production, sales and distribution links allows for certainty as to the legality of the product’s origin. In addition, in the verification process, I will not need documents confirming credibility, provided in an appropriate form. We will take care of unlocking your categories and the correct course of the procedures.

FBA & Vendor support

The FBA program – Fulfillment by Amazon and Vendor are the basic forms that facilitate sales on the Amzaon platform. They give salespeople more opportunities to reach their customers in a faster and easier way. FAB transfers the responsibilities as well as the preparation and shipment of the product to the Amazon network website, while the Vendor system allows you to sell products directly through the connection with the Amazon store. If you want to get information about the implementation and execution of orders, we will help you choose and introduce the best option.

Product tuning

The demand for your product depends on the quality and effectiveness of your product description. Often the same products described differently, better presented and presented sell even at a higher price. If you have the impression that the products you offer are bland and do not stand out from the competition, which makes your sales stagnant, we will prepare the product tuning for you. We will modernize the appearance of the offer, improve its parameters and increase its attractiveness so as to increase the number of visits to your website and at the same time increase sales.

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Market research

Want to start selling on Amazon? Without proper market analysis, your costs may exceed your profits. We will help you verify your sales data and avoid market oversaturation. We will examine, among others :

  • Entry barrier – the ability to break through the market with your own product.
  • Revenue potential – we will determine the potential profit that you can get from selling the product.
  • Monthly sales – we will check what will be the demand, whether you will be able to meet it and it will be profitable for you.
  • Market trends – we will create a forecast of trends and seasonality of products so that you consciously choose products to the market needs

Checking the product

Once you’ve made the decision to become an Amazon seller, the next step is to identify what you want to sell. Before making a decision, you need to thoroughly research your products, competition, keywords, and market trends. We will help you quickly and efficiently verify products, their availability on the platform, and adapt them to sale. Before you start formulating ideas, you need to be aware of the various selling methods and choose one of the many forms available, such as: retail arbitration, online arbitration or private label.


EAN codes

If you want to start selling on the Amazon platform, your products should have an EAN identification number, which acts as a barcode with information about the goods. EAN stands for European Product Codes

They consist of 12-13 digits and allow for the identification of the product, its manufacturer and other parameters of the product. This code is usually already printed on the label or packaging by the manufacturer.

Amazon has created the description of products with codes because thanks to this, it can verify the goods in the appropriate categories. We will help you bring your products to the Amazon platform in line with their standards.

Competition analysis

The guarantee of success on Amazon is the analysis of the competition both in terms of product attractiveness and price. The seller must not forget to monitor the competition on an ongoing basis. Online auctions are already a stable branch of e-commerce, which means that they need to be run well to be successful. If you need help in analyzing the competition, we will help you verify their activities and adjust your sales to the market needs so that your offers are attractive to customers.

Help in choosing logistics

Proper trading logistics on the platform is another key to success. Out of stock means loss of the customer. To prevent this from happening, you can use several different tools, such as the Merchant Central Desktop, with which you can:

– check new orders,

– update resources,

– monitor performance indicators and much more

If you are starting your adventure with Amazon, we will be happy to show you how to properly manage logistics and thus generate more profits.



If you are already at the sales stage, the next very important step will be to pack your product in accordance with Amazon standards. The product packaging must include, among others informations about:

* Bar code

* Country of origin of the goods

* Brand name

* Information about certificates, if they have to be there, depending on the requirements of the product packaging.

We will help you in the selection and appropriate adaptation of your products for shipment.

Storage and shipping

FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon, is an option that allows you to fully handle shipping, storage and packaging, as well as control customer service and returns. The seller’s responsibilities will only include stock control and stock replenishment, and due to the fact that Amazon has quite rigid rules when it comes to shipping, we will help you trace their requirements regarding packaging and shipping preparation as well as labeling and delivery. Thanks to us, you can be sure that your shipping and Amazon FBA experience will go smoothly.

Product customization under Amazon

If you want to start selling on a platform called the global e-commerce giant, you need to remember about many aspects, standards and conditions that Amazon imposes on its sellers. Appropriate product adaptation to the sales platform is an important element of success in this industry. By deciding to cooperate with amzteam.pro, you can be sure that your products will be properly adapted to the Amazon sales standards, which is definitely the optimal solution if you want to quickly scale your business and enjoy a really large passive income.

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