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What makes us stand out? Practice, not theory!

500 thousand EUR

Turnover on our account - EUR 0.5 million per month

5 EUR million

Our clients' turnover - EUR 5 million per month

2015 year

We have been selling on Amazon since 2015


Over 60 companies with constant service


We have launched over 1000 products on our account.


The idea to provide services related to Amazon emerged from the needs of companies that are and were our suppliers in 2018, and wanted to enter Amazon without having the knowledge and skills.

Our adventure with Amazon began in 2015, when, after our experience in the traditional B2B market, we were looking for opportunities, margins and fair sales of our goods. At the beginning it was electronics for players, but we started to develop our product portfolio quite quickly.

Initially, the company consisted of 4 people, today we employ over 20 full-time employees and 10 to whom we outsource tasks. Our company consists mainly of IT specialists and programmers, whose qualifications we raise with daily training, translates into real effects, which you can see, for example, in a chart showing the development of our sales in 2020, on our account.

Our team


22 full-time employees


1 photographer


2 graphic designers


6 copywriters


5 translators

Company owner

Marketing and building products is his great hobby. Business challenges drive him to his daily work. He created companies such as Mzpack and Pakuj24.

Bartłomiej “Bartosz”
Company owner

The man who knows everything about Amazon! Some people watch movies in their spare time – Bartek learns about Amazon. He trains employees and teaches marketing techniques. A big fan of both electronic and paper games.

Mateusz “Hipster”
Amazon Service Manager.
Graphic artist

Company Hipster – he is the only one who uses Apple products, drinks latte and sold a kidney to buy a Mac. A person who takes the computer apart like a Forest Gump weapon. Perfectionist at work and passionate in the kitchen. A brilliant orator, artist, musician and acrobat.

Manager at AMZteam.pro

Together, he created the foundations for the company with us.

He implements products on our account, is responsible for many brands that he has built and promoted personally. A source of knowledge and peace like Master Yoda. Accuracy and attention to detail are his strengths. Responsible for building logistics chains.

Spiritual support of the company.

PPC Manager
Manager at AMZteam.pro

Together, he created the foundations for the company with us. He is with us from the very beginning.

A very meticulous specialist. A person who attaches great importance to building a product, if there is anything to improve somewhere, Alek will find it. Marketing on the Amazon platform is his bread and butter.

A lover of food and sports.

Jacek “Slimi”
Senior E-commerce Specialist
SEO master

He can comprehensively convey knowledge about Amazon to his clients. The strength of peace. Meticulousness is his special feature, it always brings the task entrusted to him to the end. Electronic games, cycling and boxing are his hobbies.

Maciej “Stachu”
Senior E-commerce Specialist
SEO master
Vendor Manager

The analysis and statistics of the account are very important to him. It brings a child’s smile and mature accuracy to the company. Former tennis player, fan of racket sports and RPG games.

Nobody really knows how old he is.


A super creative photographer who we can always count on. Creativity is her middle name.

jr. E-commerce Specialist
jr. Copywriter

Compressed, thorough and diligent. He performs the entrusted work without asking unnecessary questions. A fan of card games, he has a very analytical mind.

jr. E-commerce Specialist
jr. Copywriter

In our ranks, he is responsible for handling Amazon accounts for our clients. IT specialist with blood, bone and education. Expert in human behavior. Controlled even in the most difficult moments.

Michał “Bucket”
jr. E-commerce Specialist

Even though the young one is characterized by great knowledge and the ability to quickly assimilate knowledge. A laid back young man and the youngest member of our team. Our company supplier of all kinds of fast food. The organizer of our Lan meetings, the soul of the party.

jr. E-commerce Specialist
jr. Copywriter

At work, he works well in areas such as planning, copywriting and reaserch. A very meticulous and talkative person. Knowing how to ride a bike is not the only thing that sets him apart from the rest. As a former barista, he cares about the quality of our company coffee so that we are ready to work from the very first moments at the coffee machine.

Administration and accounting

Reliable accountant who looks after all matters related to the company’s finances. Better not to mess with her!

jr. E-commerce Specialist
jr. Copywriter

He joined us as an apprentice, and Szubko proved himself in the work entrusted to him. Ultra accurate and calm when needed. A specialist not only in the field of work but also widely understood electronic entertainment.

Dawid “Kleniu”
E-commerce Specialist
jr. SEO master

He proved to be an excellent writer, detailed specialist and a mastered marketer. He came to us as a blogger, his greatest passion is catching Klen.

Konrad “Kondi”
E-commerce Specialist
senior PPC manager

Konrad manages campaigns like no one else. Analysis and perceptiveness allow him to adjust marketing to the conditions existing on the market. It uses the entrusted budgets to the last cent, achieving amazing results. Always smiling, he infects us with joy!

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